Welcome to WP Power Guide: Monthly WordPress Guides are coming!

Welcome to the WP Power Guide blog, this blog is focused on showing you the many powerful ways to use WordPress for something other than a blog.

As you can see there is some work to be done as I am putting the finishing touches on my blog. The full launch of the WP Power Guide blog is just around the corner but feel free to look around and leave any feedback or contact me!

For the launch I will be releasing some FREE and powerful step-by-step guides on how to utilize WordPress to setup:

  • an eCommerce website
  • A Membership website with Payment integration
  • a Product/Video Review website
  • Local City Guide (think Yelp)
  • Classifieds website (think Craigslist)
  • An Experts Topic Resource (think Yahoo Answers)
  • just about anything else that you can think of!

Use our signup above to stay connected on the full launch and receive your FREE WordPress Power Guides shortly.


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