Speaking at WordCamp LA 2012: Tap into the power of your local WordPress Community

I’m very excited this week, after attending WordCamp LA for the last 2 years as an attendee, this year I will be attending as speaker (woot woot!) talking on the topic of eCommerce. My season is titled “WordPress & eCommerce: What’s the right solution for you?” An overview of what I will be discussing can be found here.

Because WordPress is so widely popular, powers over 25 million websites, and has so many uses and practical applications many people need support and direction from experienced professionals in their local community. This is one of major purposes of WordCamp conferences, but people attend WordCamp for various reasons from finding that 1 solution to a problem they are struggling with on their WordPress site, to getting inspired and connecting with other talented individuals so they can create the next big solution or web application for their target market.

I have found that attending WordCamp provides so much value and opportunity to learn and connect talented and motivated individuals from designer and developers to writers and entrepreneurs. It is really a tribute to how powerful and active the community is around WordPress that people flock from all over the country to attend WordCamp. Don’t just take my word for it, take a look below!

WordCamp Map

Since the very first WordCamp in San Francisco in 2006, there have been over 207 WordCamps in 38 different countries and the list keeps growing. These numbers speak volumes to the success of WordPress.

This year I was lucky enough to be in the New York City while WordCamp New York city was in progress. This was the first out of state WordCamp that I had attended and happened to be one of the largest organized WordCamps in the country with over 800 people in attending! At WordCamp NY there was even an advanced developer track, the first I had seen organized but as WordPress grows as an application platform for eCommerce, Membership sites, Social Networking and other advanced uses I do expect to see more advanced tracks at other WordCamps.

One of the best parts of attending a WordCamp besides connecting with all the talented individuals is getting all the cool swag! Here are a few shots of the swag I have collected from WordCamps in LA and New York.

If you can’t tell, I’m eager to attend more WordCamps in California and out of state to connect with talented individuals in the WordPress communities across the country and grow my collection of swag 😉 .

If you are in the Los Angeles area and are new to WordPress or an experienced Pro, I highly recommend attending WordCamp LA hosted at Loyola Marymount University (LMU) this weekend. At around $20 a ticket, you will get more than enough return on your money and time invested. Even though 200 tickets sold out in less than 2 days (wow), they are allowing walk up tickets the day of WordCamp (Saturday Sept 15th).

I hope to see you there and share my thoughts on WordPress and eCommerce. If you attend please feel free to reach out and make an introduction to me, I would love to meet and connect with you! Also, feel free to share any experience you have had attending WordCamps and your thoughts on the WordPress community below.

All the best,

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