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Magical WordPress Tips and Tricks

Here is the presentation I gave to the Southern California WordPress meetup group here in Los Angeles. I've now made this available for anyone, if you are a wordpress developer or even a beginner I hope that it helps you understand more about what is capable with WordPress and why developers also love working with WordPress. If you like the material and found it helpful feel free to share this page on your favorite social network using the share buttons, and leave me a comment to let me know what you found most useful. I'd be glad to help answer any simple dev questions that aren't addressed here as well. Enjoy! … Continue reading...

Selling with WordPress and eCommerce

  Welcome, click the link below to download my slide deck from the Southern California WordPress Meetup group on selling online and creating an eCommerce website with WordPress. Feel free to leave comments on what you think or any questions you have!     … Continue reading...

4 Essential Security Tasks for any WordPress Website


Over 25 Million websites run on WordPress and no matter if you are running a blog, membership service, eCommerce website or any type of WordPress site the most critical part of your business is to simply keep your website running.

Staying on top of security can seem like a huge challenge and overwhelm many website owners, however this is an easy list of 4 essential tasks you should do (and I do) immediately to any WordPress website to protect it from a majority of attacks and vulnerabilities. There are many more security best practices and advanced measures I can list, but these 4 essential and simple steps will shield your website from numerous hacks, keep your site running, and should help you sleep better at night.

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eCommerce & WordPress: What’s the right solution for you?

Here is a downloadable version of my 2012 WordCampLA presentation entitled “eCommerce & WordPress: What’s the right solution for you?” I hope you find this guide informative and helpful when deciding on your next eCommerce website. If you find it useful and helpful, please feel free to share or tweet out this post as you […]

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Speaking at WordCamp LA 2012: Tap into the power of your local WordPress Community

WordCamp T-Shirts

I’m very excited this week, after attending WordCamp LA for the last 2 years as an attendee, this year I will be attending as speaker (woot woot!) talking on the topic of eCommerce. My season is titled “WordPress & eCommerce: What’s the right solution for you?” An overview of what I will be discussing can be found […]

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Fantastic First class at LA WordPress Workshop


This past weekend I worked in conjunction with the team of the Southern California WordPress Meetup group and Kleverdog Academy to put on the first course in a new series of hands-on WordPress Workshops in Los Angeles. With over 20 people in attendance the pressure was on to deliver value to the group, and have them […]

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